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Unsafe parking restricting access on mina road

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This petition has been created as a result of growing concerns amongst local residents and businesses of the compromised safe access along this stretch of road and to the other side of the tunnel. This is NOT a petition against live in vehicles in general, but a concern about parking at this location in particular, of any larger vehicles.

We would like the local council to work with us to ensure the safety of all road users, pedestrians and residents beyond the graffiti tunnel, by implementing parking restrictions along one side of the road. 

Opposite the community gardens, there is car parking for residents outside their houses. On the side of the community garden there are no parking restrictions. The space is often used by visitors to the climbing centre, and also by people parking their live-in vehicles. Vehicles are parked partially or entirely blocking the pavement, as well as blocking the cycle lane and narrowing the road for general traffic.

This inconsiderate and unsafe parking has a direct impact on a number of road users, groups and residents:

  • In an emergency it would be impossible for large emergency vehicles to pass between the vehicles parked either side of the road. This is a potential danger to anyone beyond the tunnel who might need urgent medical assistance or evacuation, or anyone who requires the help of firefighters. This alone should raise the concerns of road/traffic planners at Bristol City Council as well as anyone living nearby. This road through the tunnel is the ONLY road access to homes and businesses beyond the tunnel- it MUST be kept clear.
  • Pedestrians cannot easily pass the vehicles on the pavement- especially those in wheelchairs or those with children in pushchairs. Vehicles parked across dropped kerbs make it unsafe for crossing the road.
  • Groups of vulnerable adults supported by St Werburghs City farm staff walk between the farm and the community gardens most days to maintain/garden the space, pushing barrows with their tools and equipment. By blocking the pavement these groups cannot pass safely as they should be able to. 
  • Children - both local residents and nearby school groups walking to the farm cannot use the pavement or crossing safely due to the vehicles blocking access and the view of traffic in both directions. 
  • Cyclists are forced into a narrow bottleneck, into the path of oncoming traffic, as the designated cycle lane is often blocked by parked vehicles. This occurrs at a point where there is already a narrowing of the road.
  • Refuse vehicles cannot always access the properties and businesses that they service beyond the tunnel.
  • Delivery lorries often cannot get through to deliver to local businesses and have to reverse back down Mina road, without fulfilling their delivery.
  • Livestock vehicles to/from the city farm and Watercress farm (Boiling Wells Lane) are often unable to get through the section of road in question.

The solution would be to implement a parking restriction along the section of pavement from the tunnel, to the 5 bar gate at the bottom of the community gardens.  Drivers, emergency vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians would then all have safe unrestricted access.

Please support this petition to call for action to ensure SAFETY FOR ALL. Where relevant please detail how this affects your use of the road/pavement/access beyond the tunnel. Please keep comments to the issue of SAFETY as this is the primary concern.

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