keep the kebab van outside Bristol's Corn Exchange/St Nick's market

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A posh new hotel in Corn Street Bristol has lodged a complaint regarding a kebab van which parks outside St Nick's market Tues-Fri nights and has been on that site for several years serving a huge amount of customers quite happily - both local and visitors to the city.

This is a typical bully boy tactic of a company coming in to Bristol and assuming they can throw their weight around, and all because they believe that having a kebab van within proximity somehow lowers the tone of the area. 

Well. if the kebab van was going to be such a major problem for them when they were looking at buying the disused bank in the first place the issue should have been addressed then. 

Sorry hotel bosses, but this is someone's long established business, income and living that you're now trying to destroy.

Tough. The kebab van stays and Bristol people will stand together where this petition is concerned.