Create a liveable neighbourhood in St Marks Road, Easton, Bristol to save our high street!

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The Mayor and Bristol City Council have brought forward proposals for St Marks Road, Easton, Bristol that would greatly benefit both businesses and the community as a whole by opening up St Marks Road for increased footfall, greater revenues and a more liveable neighbourhood less dominated by motorised traffic. We, the petitioners, wholeheartedly support the proposals and want to see them implemented. We call on the Mayor, local elected councillors and the council as a whole to support these proposals.

Surprisingly, a petition has been set up by the Bristol Association of Restaurants, Bars and Independent Establishments (BARBIE) to oppose the proposals. The reason we reject the arguments of BARBIE are given here:

Petitions can only get us so far. We need to convince the decision makers! You can write to the organisations and politicians who can influence this decision by going here:

Let's not squander the chance to create a great destination for pedestrians and cyclists and a more liveable neighbourhood on St Marks Road!