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I am trying to get as many signatures as I can to get the Bristol Borough School District to change their bullying policy. Both of my sons have suffered through horrendous bullying and the school has done nothing about it. I have filed police reports, taken photos of bruises on my son, been to the principal, disciplinarian, etc and still nothing. My younger son is afraid to go to school!  He has been kicked, punched, held down, called names, laughed at, bloody noses, things taken from him and hand sanitizer rubbed in his eyes. 

My older son was attacked by 12 kids and the school thinks it is kids being kids.  He has been called names, put down because he IS itellgient and tape placed over is mouth.

 My sons are so afraid to go to some of the teachers or other staff members because their only answer is, "Are you sure they are not just joking around??"  You have got to be kidding me!! When I contact the school I get a song and a dance. They tell me they can't go around accusing other students of bullying and it can't come from me it has to come from my kids. News kids are afraid to tell you because you won't do anything about it.  It's sad that most of the teachers are willing to do whatever they can for the students but their hands are basically tied when policy says otherwise. Do you realize what bullying does to a person? Well, my children will NOT be statistics. The schools are afraid to put out money for programs for these disturbed children who bully. They are afraid to put out money for expelling students. Well, it has to change and it starts with me. Please sign this petition so that it can be brought to the local authorities and school board. Help me make a safer place for our children while getting the education they deserve!



Letter to
Bristol Borough School District
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Bristol Borough School District.

New Bullying Policy

A new policy should consist of the following:

1) The student(s) being bullied should feel comfortable going to school officials about the situtation and not being made to feel like they are on trial or that nothing will be done about it.

2) School assembly for the students should be held every quarter (marking period) for the students as well as for the parents to speak about bullying, it's consequences and the affects it has on the children being bullied.

3) Emotional/Mental abuse should also be considered bullying along with Physical abuse.

4) The child(s) being bullied is able to confront their bully in front of school officials letting them know how they are affecting their lives.

5) Parents of child(ren) doing the bullying need to be informed by school officials as soon as possible and must meet with school officials within 24 hours to discuss the situation.

6) Each child(ren) doing the act of bullying is labeled a bully and a copy of this placed in his/her school file.

7) First offense of bullying is automatic detention and an apology letter written to the student(s) they are bullying.

8) Second offense of bullying is automatic in school suspension.

9) Third offense of bullying is automatic 3 day suspesion from school, parents are required to get their child(ren) a physcological evaluation and police reports are filed.

10) Fourth offense automatic expulsion from the school district at the parents and/or district's expense.

11) If the bullying is severe and/or physical contact is involved the proper authorities willl be called and further legal action will be taken and may be grounds for immediate suspension or expulsion.

This policy is not impossible! Zero tolerance for bullying is not too much to ask for. Our children are in school in get their education and become better adults not to be scared and harmed. They are our future so why not protect them?

Thank you for all your support!



Christina E. Atkinson