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Brisbane Junior Rugby League have made changes to the Under 6s 2019 season. Enforcing a new ruling of NO TACKLING instead replacing it with a ‘tag’ like rule.

Its very frustrating as parents that we have no say to this. As parents of junior rugby league players our thoughts and opinions have to be taken into account. Who made this decision? What was it based off of and who approved it without any comments of parents of these children? Because I certainly don’t know anyone that has participated in this decision. 

 You try telling your child who idolises players like Former Cowboys player Jonathon Thurston that he cannot tackle & cannot play his favourite sport because it’s stolen away from him. Imagine growing up loving tennis & just getting your first chance to play & being told that tennis is not safe & instead will be replaced by badminton.

I could not agree more that the earlier  children learn how to make correct tackles determines their skills as senior players. 


I ask all parents to get behind this and ask for it to be over ruled. Rugby League is not ‘TAG’ and it is not touch. You know what your signing your child up for when they play rugby league and if it’s not for you don’t play. Don’t modify it and don’t take away tackles! 

I give credit to Brisbane Rugby League to encourage & support better training for coaches & tackling for junior players. But to completely rule out tackling is unacceptable. 

As a mother of two boys that love and throughly enjoy junior rugby league it personally effects me and my children a great deal. 

I agree that there needs to be better training for our coaches & better tackling skills taught to junior players. 

But when we signed up our children to play rugby league we expect them to be taught this valuable skill. The risks associated with children in under 6s & 7s becoming hurt from an injury are so rare due to their age & size compared with older children who have no skills or previous experience tackling. 


You can read more about it below as this was posted on their website. 

2019 News
I attended a meeting last night in Brisbane HQ to hear the new NRL Player Development Strategy. The entire strategy is based on clinical research that has been carried our Australia wide in Rugby League. One development is that in 2019, under 6 players will play a League Tag which is a version of OZTag with velcro ribbons attached to shorts. There will be no tackle in under 6's. Even though we were told this was just a trial for 2019 we were told that in 2020 it will be under 6's and under 7's playing non tackle rugby league. In 2019, under 7 players will have to under go tackle licensing. This is where they will receive 6 specialised sessions where they will be taught all aspects of tackling. The other major change is an 18 month registration window. This is going to be a bit confusing for parents but if your child is a new registration and is born in either of the second 2 quarters of the year, they will be offered an opportunity to play down a year instead of playing in their own age group. There will be a specific criteria for this to be able to used. As expected, the under 12's will no longer be playing in premiership or graded competitions. These changes are coming from NRL development, but there are also more changes to come from Rugby League Brisbane. Apparently we will be notified of these in due course. I realise that people are going to be scepticle of these changes but this is coming in whether we like it or not so we have to make the best of it and make it work for the kids.


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