Support an off road cycling criterium circuit for Brisbane's southern suburbs.

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I'm a member of The University of Queensland Cycling Club, our club has been working to create an off road cycling criterium circuit for Brisbane's south and western suburbs more than 20 years. An absence of training and racing facilities, away from public roads forces cyclist to either, travel along major roads to Council’s Northern and Eastern suburbs circuits at Nundah and Murarrie, or to train on local streets around St Lucia and Yeronga, which creates contention increasing risk to all road users. Since 2006, multiple proposals have been submitted for training and racing facilities however for various reasons all have failed.

From November 2017, the cycling club has been actively involved in the Oxley Creek Transformation Project (OCTP) master planning and community consultation process. The draft master plan includes the provision of a cycling criterium circuit as a key strategic idea. The proposed criterium circuit, together with other cycling activity-based infrastructure, received the most public support outside of OCTP’s already committed priority projects. The Criterium circuit specifically, received the highest public support of the all strategic ideas.

With links to off road recreational cycling trails planned as priority projects for the OCTP, a local circuit would avoid the necessity of hundreds of people riding across town to other facilities, would ease conflict on local streets around Yeronga and St Lucia, and provide a lasting benefit for the patient and understanding residents in surrounding areas.

Further development of the Criterium circuit strategic idea will have several community health, social, sporting, and liveability benefits.  It will encourage community use for children’s cycling development and inline skating among many other uses these facilities provide. Patronage of local cafés, shops and business in Sherwood and Rocklea will increase as community users relax after riding and training.

We encourage you to champion this petition to request council provide further commitment, to progress this opportunity to a reality.