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Have you ever received a hefty parking fine for parking in the inner-city suburbs of Brisbane when you had NO idea you had parked in a 2 Hour Zone?

This situation plays out thousands of times all over the inner city areas of Brisbane everyday due to the councils completely ineffective and ambiguous signage. In a nutshell:

  • State Government Legislation allows them to just sign the borders of a 2 Hour Zone - these signs are on busy roads many kilometres from motorists final destinations  -  no-one sees these signs , let alone links them to their final destination
  • Signs on the inner city streets where people park within these 2 Hour Zones are either non existent or confusing and don't communicate that it is a 2 Hour Zone  so people park there totally unaware of the situation and get a $97 ticket
  • Council is making upwards of $70,000* in parking fines on Harcourt Street Teneriffe just in one block of the street,  so there is NO motivation to fix the appalling lack of signs.  The poor citizens of Brisbane have to learn about the parking situation the hard way - one parking ticket at a time. 

Of course people object to these fines as they are SO unfair,  but the council is within it's legal rights to issue the fine and it seems impossible to fight it despite the unfair nature of the lack of signs so people just pay up - by the thousand, every week. Filling the coffers of the council who can't see their way to spend just a small proportion of their takings to provide better signs to communicate their regulations. 

Shame on Brisbane City Council for caring so little about the financial impact of your inaction on the law abiding citizens of this town.

If council doesn't want to stump up the funds for a few new signs indicating the 2 Hour zone every 100 or so metres then they could at least add sticky vinyl lettering to the existing signs stating " 2 Hour Zone Everywhere Unless Signed Otherwise". This would give motorists the information they need to park legally.

Please help make Brisbane City Council accountable for fixing this situation and let them know it's not OK to continue to hide behind the " law" instead of fixing the grossly inadequate signage. Just because it is a large area to sign doesn't mean they shouldn't have to do it. The current situation is just plain unfair. 

* Information from a Right to Information request ( RTI) with Brisbane City Council confirmed that the council currently makes upwards of $70,000 in parking fines on Harcourt Street between Chester Street and Commercial Road