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Why this petition matters

Hello Everyone this petition is for coach Timothy wedlow recently he was fired from his role of the head coach of Jordan high school football and we the football team believe that he was wrongfully fired he did nothing to deserve this.

a little about tim: 

Tim is a great coach he knows each and every one of his players and he is like a second father to us And seeing him get fired really hurts us as student athletes we really don’t want any other head coach other than tim the school never once asked us what we wanted they made the decision themselves. 

keep in mind staff always ask us the team who we want as a head coach and this who we want coach tim wedlow nobody else.

this message is from one of the Jordan football players: 

As everyone knows Jordan has never been the number #1 school, either for it’s bad environment or losing season, but Tim came in and literally shifted that over the years. Each year we got better and better as a team and through my 4 years I’ve seen this school and football team progress to a new level that people would have never imagined and it literally popped off with tim. TIM had  all these alumnis come back and donate, he had all these GANG MEMBERS and DRUG DEALERS respecting him and stopping what they’re doing around his team and he stopped/ calmed down the situations when he could. 
 Though the school doesn’t see what happens behind the scenes tim has done a lot for all of us when we come to school everyday we enjoy seeing tim and seeing him sad makes us sad we ask if you guys could just help us get tim back as a head coach. 

sincerely Jordan football team


It would really help if we could get this message to a superintendent we believe she can make something happen. 


599 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!