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Pei-Lan Ku started this petition


“Just that this is my HOME.”  

- Ku, Ping-Hsing said on April 26, 2013 at 3:47pm in his home in Woodhaven, Queens in NYC!  My father said on his own, even with vascular dementia, diagnosed in 2007-2009. 

My dad, Prof. Ku, Ping-Hsing and I are U.S. Citizens!  America is our HOME! 

I need the world’s help to Bring My Dad Back HOME IN AMERICA…

For the past 4 years, I’ve been in ligation with my mom & entire family to be my dad’s guardian to bring my dad back HOME IN AMERICA! I’ve lost miserably because they don’t think a “daughter” should have any say in family discussions!  Which is why when my dad was sick my entire family, without any discussion with me, shipped my dad to Taiwan and abandoned him in Taipei nursing facilities…

  • Nursing facilities who strapped my dad down, so that he cannot walk now!
  • Nursing facilities who do not properly socialize with their dementia patients, so my dad cannot talk now! 
  • Nursing facilities who do not provide proper medical, physical or mental treatments or therapies, so now my dad cannot eat by himself.  
  • Nursing facilities who are not feeding him any solid foods, even though he can still bite and swallow now! 
  • Nursing facilities who are not letting him sit upright on a sofa or chair, even though he can still sit upright now!
  • Nursing facilities where my dad caught Covid-19 once, pneumonia and UTIs five times. 

I need the world’s help to Bring My Dad Back HOME IN AMERICA because…

I LOST 2 Taiwan Supreme Court cases:

  • Guardianship of my Dad, Ku, Ping-Hsing. 
  • A Taiwanese Judge put a sanction on me, prohibiting me to take my dad back to his home in America! Even though we are both U.S. Citizens! 

I have 4 criminal charges currently in the Taipei & New Taipei City’s prosecution offices for speaking up and whistleblowing about my dad’s “care” in Taiwan!  Three for “Defamation” of “Reputation” of the nursing facility and from my mom’s nephew.  And one for “Privacy” when I recorded a video of the nursing home harassing me & trying to intimidate me to sign an affidavit — All criminal charges are due to when I spoke up about my dad’s safety and welfare!

As a U.S. Citizen, I was shocked and scared for my livelihood by those criminal charges by the Taiwanese Government, knowing I have a U.S. Constitutional Right to speak up about my dad’s care! I thought that Taiwan was a democracy and believed in Freedom of Speech. I was horribly wrong!  

My own biological mother who is the guardian of my dad, and the one spearheading all these efforts…

  • My mom attempted to get two restraining orders on me. But the Taiwanese judges dismissed it. 

  • Today 02/07/2023 my mom filed another lawsuit against me to legally separate me from my dad. 

  • Currently my mom is hiding my dad from me unless I sign her NDA. I went to the police and they said they will not help because my mom is the guardian! I reported to the American Institute in Taiwan and they said they cannot help unless my dad is dead!

I need the world’s help so that I can take my dad back HOME with me to The United States of America because my dad and I are Proud CHINESE AMERICANS!  Who have always called AMERICA OUR HOME…

I, Pei-Lan Ku, the daughter of Ku, Ping-Hsing, needs your help to sign this petition and to get your community to sign this petition, so that I can send this petition to U.S. Politicians to help Bring My Dad Back HOME to our beloved country of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! 

Some of the politicians who will receive this petition:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Tammy Duckworth, Congressman Ted Lieu, Congresswoman Grace Meng, Senator John Liu, State Assembly Ron Kim, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and more! 

THANK YOU so incredibly much for signing, supporting and helping my dad return back to his HOME IN U.S.A.!  We are forever grateful for all of you!  THANK YOU!  Wishing you all great health and fortune too! 

542 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!