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STOP CPS kids for Cash!!

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Your local Department of Health & Human services received a bonus for every child adopted by a foster family ( $4,000-$6,000). They do not receive a bonus if a family member adopts. This was initial implemented to help children get placed with forever homes but it's being abused. Many of these children have capable family members to care for them. Family members are not being contacted but are being avoided when they contact.

I have a nice in foster care. None of our family was contacted. Her father asked for her to placed with us. DHS did not contact us and we were not returned phone calls. (They noted no family available for placement on their paperwork).When we finally reached someone, we was given a huge project of adding on a bedroom in order to qualify. That was done and still no placement (no one has even looked at it). This was completed before termination of rights. I was finally given a 2 hour visit once a month at DHS. Upon many requests, no reunifying of family has been made or allowing our children to visit. (No family has been disqualified for any reason).

I have met multiple families with very similar stories. You can google medical kidnapping or kids for cash & you will see many additional stories, news reports and there are additional general petitions. We want changes to be made so all family members are listed and contacted to determine whether they are interested or do not qualify. Otherwise, DHS can simply write no family available when it's not true.

Foster parents serve a great purpose and I appreciate all they do but there are thousands of children in the world that unfortunately do not have family to care for them. Those that do, should be placed with capable family. Many studies have been completed concerning the effects of children feeling abanded by family. Many teens with depression also reported this cause. It is not in the best interest of these children to loose all of their family members that are capable & wanting to care for them.

I have met with state legislature & senator in our area. Multiple news stations and newspapers also show interest backed by all the documentation we have.

A petition will let others become aware and those supporters will help changes be implemented.

Please help keep families together & bring our neice home. We have everything she needs along with constant contact of her additional relatives. 



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