Petition for the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar

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Myanmar is in the middle of a refugee crisis. We would like to make sure people aren't ignorant about the issue and realize that they could do something to change it. Through this petition, we will spread awareness of what is happening in this crisis.

Though, it's because of Myanmar that the Rohingya people are leaving to other countries. The country treats the ethnic group as outsiders and reject them their citizenship, even though they've resided within the country for centuries. They are restricted of public health, education, and jobs. The restrictions are as if they are basically restricting them of their entire lives, if they remain in Myanmar.

We would like for the gov't of Myanmar to realize:

The Rohingya people deserve to be recognized as part of their country regardless of their belief.

The Rohingya people deserve public health because they are human beings too.

The Rohingya people deserve education because they are part of our future too.

The Rohingya people deserve jobs because without them we are forcing many more Rohingya to be born into poverty.

Stand with us and sign today! #Rohingya