Help us bring back abducted university students!

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One of the factions of the Oromo Libration Front/OLF/ called OLF SHENE has kidnapped 17 Dembidolo University Students since the second week of December 2019. The students were taken from Dembidolo & hauled them away at gunpoint in the western Oromia region of Ethiopia. Of the 18 students abducted, one of them were escaped from her captors & told the local media that they had endured periods of hunger while with SHENE. The militants have repeatedly raped the girls(14 of them out of 17 were women) and beat all those who disagreed with them &/or refused to follow orders including but not limited to cooking & cleaning for insurgents among others.

The government of Ethiopia, which eventually confirmed the abduction of students, has not yet started negotiating for the release of the 17 missing Dembidolo university students who are still being held captive. Nearly a month after they were abducted & dragged off to a forest hide-out; the abduction of the students sparked national outrage.  

We are now in an emergency to bring back our young women and men. We are now signing an open letter calling for urgent action from the Government of Ethiopia towards the immediate release of the captive students and to apprehend the perpetrators. We are now calling to international human rights groups, government bodies and UN agencies to give the necessary attention to the students who are being dehumanized at the hands of the notorious Oromo militant group. 

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