Bring Your OWN Device to Belmont High School

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In recent years, Belmont High School has established what a number of people believe to be, the hypocritical "Bring Your Own Device" program; what's so bad about this you may ask?
The problem is that regardless whether or not you already own a laptop or tablet, you are required to purchase another device, with prices for this year beginning at $876.30, and well surpassing the $1200 mark for a somewhat mediocre laptop, in comparison with currently owned devices. These "Pro" laptops, have been renowned for being so faulty, that one model was even mass-recalled: before the introduction of this program, every student was expected to spend $800 on a laptop that retailed for only $298, and that was just for years 7-9; if you wanted to actually own the device, that's an additional $100 to buy your way out of the lease (with all programs and software uninstalled), something ridiculous to expect of senior students whose VCE and VCAL curriculum don't even require the use of computers, with all assessments being hand-written anyway.
Keep in mind although this is deemed to be optional, our IT department reportedly says "In order to do your work you need a school laptop".

There have been uncountable instances where students and parents alike think, "Why can't we just bring a device we already own?", but to quote our IT department, "We can't connect [personal laptops] because our internet doesn't support it", despite the fact that upon being asked to connect, they allegedly responded, "Well it is possible, but we don't want to"; as well as the fact that there are numerous teachers and visiting students already connected.

There would be no cost incurred by the school; in fact, there would be less of a cost, with no insurance to pay as the devices would be the responsibility of the student. There would be a significantly reduced strain on Technical Support, with no need for the extensive list of repairs that exists. There would also be more freedom to study privately at the library computers, as students would not have to frequently leave class because their mediocre laptops are consistently malfunctioning. Despite all of the positive outcomes that would come to both parties if the connection of personal laptops/tablets was established, why do our IT support threaten detentions to those who have to hire out day-use laptops to substitute for the inoperative yet necessary devices.

In conjunction with this, there have been student experiences where an IT department, inundated with laptop repairs, make them wait at great lengths during valuable class time, just to be told things like "It is your own fault that you don't have a school computer", an instance recounted to us by a peer.
This would be not be an issue, nor would visits to the IT support building be necessary, if we were able to connect our own devices, a large majority of which are much more efficient and reliable than these "Pro level" devices.

What is really stopping us from bringing our own devices? Is it because the IT faculty can't connect us, or they won't connect us?

All we want is to get the best out of our education in the most logical and effective way.
Please sign and share this petition; your support is the key to achieving our goal, and we are extremely appreciative of every signature we receive.

Thank you.

Liam Walpole and Anna Babare,
Senior Students of Belmont High School

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