Bring Yoga Classes Back To Seneca

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Please help bring Summer Moonbeam’s weekly yoga classes back on the Seneca@York campus!

Summer Moonbeam used to teach yoga classes each Wednesday at 12 noon at Seneca@York campus. Reports from her students (Seneca staff, faculty and students) were all very positive, saying that yoga had a great impact on improving their physical and mental health condition.

Sara, one of her students, said: “Summer was more than a teacher to us, she was also our friend. She would often bring bowls of spelt pretzels and gogi berries for the group to munch after the sessions. We would have a blast. A truly unique momentum.”

Some students said they went really deep, and saw beautiful gardens, palatial buildings, rivers, mountains, golden temples and picturesque sceneries. Others said it relieved stress and energized them. And, some said it helped their sore backs feel much better. “We love yoga. It makes us more flexible, inside and out. It makes us calmer, stronger, and more focused.” Sara said.

However, her classes got recently cancelled after a cultural appropriation controversy arose from a group of opponents made of students and one part-time faculty member. This group complains about how yoga has been taken from cultures that have experienced oppression, cultural genocide, and Western supremacy, and how capitalism has turned the activity into a multibillion-dollar business opportunity.

The student leading the opposition, Mystic Sparkle, was herself a yoga teacher at a fancy downtown studio. She said: “I never thought about colonization and my participation in that oppressive system as a culturally appropriating, white yoga teacher […] I don’t think a class should be cancelled out of fear of appropriation, especially given all we can learn from practicing yoga.”

Today, all participants are mobilizing themselves in order to get Moonbeam’s yoga classes back on campus. They are launching a petition on to raise public awareness and engage others to help them bring yoga classes back on campus.

Sara, Summer's student, said: “Seneca is a terrific place to work and study. Implementing yoga classes was such a great idea. It was an important reason why I decided to come here.”

Kate, another student, added: “Eliminating those classes not only implies a deep misunderstanding of how much they are valued by members, but it also reflects a lack of appreciation from Seneca College about how much these teachers offer us in their work.”

Please sign and share this petition to bring change and help yoga classes come back to Seneca!
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