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Bring Wesley Snipes Home.

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                                    FREE WESLEY T. SNIPES. BRING WESLEY SNIPES HOME.


To be judge before you even enter your case in the court room is wrong,  (Which is what happend in the Wesley T Snipes) case. The courts should have not allowed such an act by the jury.. He was not granted due process and therefore volates his  civil rights under law.To Free Wesley T. Snipes would be good for our economy. He brings recovery to our world and adds great showmanship in the film industry and has brought great pleasure in the movies that we all enjoy watching so much. He has been acknowledge by the Governor of Pennsylvania for his Martial Arts Skills. Wesley Snipes was taken, by hired help. But his hired help was not honest and stole millions from Wesley. Even his salaries.  Wesley has lost so much, even his home in New York, and this is why Wesley T. Snipes deserves a pardon for this year 2012. Those that stole from him are in prison and was caught. We want to Bring Wesley Snipes Home.It is reported that he has a case pending on his salary of 3 million dollars that was stolen from him. I am sure there is more monies of Wesley's that's is floating out their in other people's hand.


Please give a  pardon to Wesley T. Snipes for this year 2012.  We are requesting a ealry relases as soon as possible.


     Our juduciay sytem could benifit by dealing with the truth at all time, not just for profit for the courts and it's workers.People lives depend on a fair and just system that is true to the law and it's values it possess. I urge you to stand to allow all citzens a fair trail in court and to not show a unjust cause for a misterminer charge.

I urge you to allow Citizens and imates to be protected against unlawful praticies in the court of law in and in the Judisonal System. Reform is needed.

Help enact a non-discrimanation policy that protect clients and imates rights in a court of law.

Please sign the petion to Free Wesley T Snipes......


Stacy A. Smith




Stacy A. Smith,

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