Bring Ukrainian content to The Sims 4

Bring Ukrainian content to The Sims 4

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Bring Ukrainian content to The Sims 4

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Started by Milgemilge

A while ago you-know-who gave a ''lecture'' about how Ukraine have no culture identity, no history of their own. I hope we all know it's a lie. These amazing and courageous people right now are fighting for their freedom. It might also become a fight for our freedom along the way.

We want to Support Ukraine while playing The Sims 4.

Ukraine is a country rich in culture and traditions and we have already seen The Sims 4 team making packs inspired by other cultures. We all think it's about time to spread the news about Ukraine and celebrate their wonderful culture in the game!

Our community is very talented and creative and we already have a wonderful creations related to Ukraine traditional clothes, but we shouldn't rely on custom content. Few of our community members started initiative #simmers4ukraine to raise awareness and educate ourselves about this wonderful country while playing the game. The idea is to recreate buildings, traditional clothes, or paint your Sims worlds in colours of Ukraine!
There are so many things The Sims 4 team could get inspiration from:

·         traditional architecture that has initial roots in the Eastern Slavic state of Kyivan Rus. After the 12th century, the distinct architectural history continued in the principalities of Galicia-Volhynia and later in Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Ruthenia and Žemaitia. During the epoch of the Zaporozhian Cossacks, a style unique to Ukraine developed under the influences of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth;

·         traditional clothes that have been upheld for generations. One of the most prominent aspects of clothing in Ukraine is that several locals are spotted wearing vyshyvanka, which is a shirt with intricate embroidery. This has pushed several brands in the country to include colourful patterns in their clothing lines as well;

·         flower crowns is a type of wreath which, in traditional Ukrainian culture, is worn by girls and young unmarried women. The wreath may be part of a tradition dating back to the old East Slavic customs that predate the Christianization of Rus. The flower wreath remains a part of the Ukrainian national attire, and is worn on festive occasions and on holy days and since the 2014 Ukrainian revolution increasingly in daily life;

·         paintings such as works from Maria Oksentiyivna Prymachenko (Ukrainian: Марія Оксентіївна Примаченко) who was a Ukrainian folk art painter and worked in the naïve art style. In 1966, Prymachenko was awarded the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared that 2009 was the year of Prymachenko. A street in Kyiv and a minor planet are both named after her. Pablo Picasso once said, after visiting a Prymachenko exhibition in Paris, "I bow down before the artistic miracle of this brilliant Ukrainian."

We think the new Ukrainian themed content would not only support the people of Ukraine showcasing their rich heritage and culture but it would also educate and inspire many people across the world. It’s of the most importance to know differences between nations and their identities. Celebrating diversity is just a small action you can partake.

 We also kindly ask you who is reading this to support this petition by signing it as well as sharing this with your friends. Small things make a big difference!  


270 have signed. Let’s get to 500!