Bring Them Home Now

Bring Them Home Now

23 de octubre de 2023
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To our dearest friends in the international film and television community,

‏We are reaching out to share with you the dark reality which has become our existence in Israel over the past few weeks.
We have been terrorized by horrific acts of pure evil - carried out by Hamas on Saturday October 7th. 

We personally all know many people who have been killed or who are missing. Family members, friends, colleagues from our industry. 
The atrocities inflicted by Hamas have led to a terrible humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, and suffering by many Palestinians who want to live in peace.  
The pain of the Palestinians and the citizens of Israel are deeply intertwined.

The unprecedented divide and polarization of people around the world is terrifying - we see the anger, the calls and demonstrations - and asking for your help at this difficult time to rally with us in the name of humanity and against the deplorable acts of mass kidnappings by Hamas, holding over 200 civilians as hostages in the Gaza Strip for political pressure.
Among those who have been abducted are babies, children and orphans. 
Grandparents, holocaust survivors, people who are sick and in urgent need of medical care and medication.
It is a living nightmare for them, their families and our community.

‏We have come together in an attempt to give a voice to their plight and to the anguish of their families- by doing what we know - and that is to tell their stories.
Led by filmmakers Ari Folman, Hagai Levi, Jasmine Kainy, Eliran Peled, Joseph Cedar, and a dedicated crew, we have tried to give a name, a voice and an identity to those currently in captivity.

We need your help to get these stories out to the world and pressure governments, politicians and leaders - on all sides - to bring the hostages home safely.
We have collated these films on a dedicated website - please watch, share and use your voice to show there is humanity left in all of us. 
Time is of the essence; international pressure is crucial and your support is critical.

Please note, we only ask of you to sign the petition, we are not fundraising through this platform. 

If you'd like to make a donation to the cause, please click here.

‏Thank you,
Your friends from the Israeli film and TV community





68 personas han firmado esta semana
Firmas: 6529Próximo objetivo: 7500
68 personas han firmado esta semana