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Bring the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool Characters In Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite

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Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is the latest installment in the Marvel vs Capcom series, but this one has even more controversy than the last game. For example:

1) The rumor that there will be no X-Men or Fantastic Four characters to avoid promoting 20th Century Fox's Marvel movies gained a lot of traction, and it subsequently split the fandom in half. Many feel as though if the rumor were true, it would do a disservice to both the Marvel vs. Capcom series (which has prominently featured Mutant characters from the beginning, including Wolverine - the only Marvel character to have appeared in every Capcom fighting game with the Marvel license) and the importance of these characters to Marvel as a whole.

2) The return of 2v2 matches instead of 3v3

3) The game not having Assists.

4) The Marvel side being almost entirely MCU-based as many have speculated, have led to fans unfavorably comparing the game to Dragon Ball FighterZ, which was shown to have notable similarities with Marvel vs. Capcom 3, thus many agreeing DragonBall FighterZ is what Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite should've been, if not better. Hell, in a poll for most exciting game on social media, DragonBall FighterZ was at the bottom while MvsCI....wasn't.

5) The graphics. Its...polarizing to say the least though at least many are hooked on the story mode.

6) The lack of female characters. Only four out of 25 characters are women, really Capcom? Mv3 out 13/38 (about 33%) and even counting Ultimate not adding any females (although people wanted Harp Note, Saki Omokane, Roll, Roll.Exe, Psylocke, Black Widow, Emma Frost, etc.), that's still 13/50, 26% of the roster. So Capcom can't even reach 20%. Smooth Capcom, smooth.

Then on the subject of the X-Men. An interview with Gamespot had one of the creators had to say.:

"X was one we had to get in there. A lot of fans wanted to see X, so we brought him back. Then also we talked with Marvel very closely about their future roadmap, about what's gonna be happening. Your modern Marvel fan, maybe they don't even remember some of the X-Men characters, but they know some of the Guardians characters or Black Panther. You know what I mean? Captain Marvel may seem like a strange pick, but she's fantastic. She fits the gameplay. She fits the story, and they're gonna be really pushing her as a strong female lead all the way up into the movie. We're trying to take everything into account and choose the best characters."

If you were to actually think about it, these characters are just functions. They're just doing things. Magneto, case and point, is a favorite because he has eight-way dash and he's really fast, right? So our more technical players, all they want to do is triangle jump and that kind of stuff. Well guess what, Nova can do the same thing, Captain Marvel can do the same thing. Ultron can do the same thing. Go ahead and try them out.


First of all, that sets the stigma that there are only gonna be MCU specific. So far out of all the Marvel character cast, every single character outside of Nova (though he was a member of the Guardians in Ultimate Spider-Man) has been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Second, the roster in a video game as well as the gameplay abilities are supposed to the be the staple of a Marvel vs Capcom game. Yes, there are characters with similar functions but all of them have their own unique gameplay style which the third and second game capsulated well. So the creators essentially can't create a good character, or function a second and third time out of fan favorites: Wolverine, Storm, Magneto, Sentinel, Phoenix, Gambit, and even newcomer X-Men from Marvel vs Capcom 3: X-23, who fans immediately when ecstatic when she was announced. The argument is that people don't remember the X-Men characters, but not only is Wolverine the staple of a ton of X-Men movies that any fan can remember, but the Marvel vs. Capcom games started with...guess what, X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. Guess who was one of the main stay characters: oh yeah, the X-Men! That's not even getting into characters that were playable in the past such as Apocalypse, Cable, Colossus, Gambit (people have anticipated him for years), and Iceman (another fan favorite), Juggernaut, Omega Red, Psylocke, Rogue, Silver Samurai. Hell, Captain Marvel is associated with the X-Men alot alongside Deadpool...who hasn't been announced surprisingly enough. There are even X-Men characters many people can list off that have potential to be in an X-Men game: Beast, Nightcrawler, Sunfire, Jubilee, Doctor Nemesis, Cloak & Dagger, Mystique, and tons more. And if Phoenix Wright and Roll can be characters in a Marvel vs Capcom game...well anything is possible.

Keep in the last game, the producers said Mega Man wasn't in the game because he wasn't a fan favorite. Yeah the franchise with over 50 games, 2 animes (that unfortunately never finished its runs in the US for unknown reasons that still piss people off), a tv show and an upcoming, and a variety of spinoffs. And we all know how well the backlash for that turned out to be. So with the X-Men, the backlash will even be bigger.

This is not a rant. There are lot of things to like about Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, but out of all the fighting games of 2017: Pokken Tournament XD, Injustice 2, Dragon Ball FighterZ, ARMS, and even Gundam Versus, MvsCI has the most controversy and doubts, but most of them aren't positive, and many have claimed that Infinite will be the inferior fighter of 2017. If there's one staple that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite needs to alleviate the fanbase, its the reinclusion of the X-Men characters. After all, Bill Rosemann of Marvel Games, noting that Marvel licensed games, Infinite included, will not be required to tie in to the comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will have the freedom to create their own storyline. Not only does this mean the story mode of Infinite won't fall into the same trap of copying the movies that Avengers Assemble did, but in terms of the roster, it also means that non-MCU characters are more likely, possibly including characters affected by the rumored Fox ban.

So will Rosemann statement be correct or will fans be disappointed. #XMenForInfinite


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