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Bring the Spee-Lunkers and The Spee-Lunker Cave back to Six Flags Over Texas

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In 1991, corporate sponsorship from Warner Bros. led to the removal of one of the most unique rides in theme park history, The Spee-Lunker Cave at Six Flags Over Texas, affectionately know as The Cave.  This calm yet intriguing "Dark-Ride" allowed riders to escape from not only the hot Texas sun, but also from reality, as they rode through numerous grottos to experience these never before seen characters in many different acts.  There was nothing overtly thrilling or frightening about the ride, but it earned a spot in the hearts of many.


The ride was redesigned for a story-telling ride called Yosemite Sam's Gold Rush Adventure.  It follows the same path and uses the same building as the old cave, but brought in many Looney Tunes characters on the search for Yosemite Sam after he steals "all the Gold".  When this ride was introduced, Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck and the rest were still big players in Children's Television Entertainment.  That is no longer the case.  As the current ride nears it's completion (during the shootout scene), there is a Wanted poster with a photo of the classic Spee-Lunker Organist saying "Wanted: Spee-Lunker Organist for Piping Up."  This call back shows that the ride designers and operators know that there is still relevant interest in the classic ride.  Because of the current ride's structure, it is the same ride as it was when it first opened some 25+ years ago.  There are visible mechanical elements, tons of dust and matted hair on the characters, and as mentioned previously, is no longer relevant to today's target demographic.


Therefore, we propose that in order to bring guests back to the park, have an entirely "new" marketing and promotional opportunity, and to recognize a time before corporate sponsorships when we were allowed to imagine on our own, not what the big money players tell us to imagine, that the powers that be at Six Flags Over Texas, Texas Flags, Ltd., and Six Flags Entertainment Corp. redesign the Yosemite Sam Gold Rush Adventure, and return it as close to the original Spee-Lunker Cave" as possible, making only necessary safety and reliability changes.

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