Bring The Pratt Children Home with their natural mother, NOW! End the onslaught of false allegations and bring the truth to light.

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In August 2013 a Blair county CYS worker coaxed Jennina Rose Pratt (the childrens natural mother), to sign over temporary custody of her five minor children over to their maternal grandmother, Angi M Peacetree. She stated that once Ms. Pratt secured suitable housing for her and the children, that they would be returned to her care and custody stating "It is my hope that the children can be returned to you before school starts". Three weeks. The five minor children were only supposed to remain in Angi Peacetree's custody for a period of three weeks. It has now been Eight months.  In the eight months since the childen have been in Ms. Peacetree's care, Brianna has begun cutting herself and is failing all but two classes in school, Ms. Peacetree placed Elyse in "thereputic foster care", Joseph(age 5) has been taken out of school completely and now Ms. Peacetree has placed him in a mental institution, Liam (age 4)  has been put back into diapers and given baby-bottles to drink from and pacifiers. None of the above behaviors were exhibited at all until the children were placed with Ms. Peacetree. Last year, in their mothers care, all three girls were doing well in school (the lowest grade on record is a c) and Elyse and Erin both recieved perfect attendence awards. Joseph was actively attending and graduated from preschool and Liam was fully weined from bottles and pacifiers and was potty-training. Petition for immediate physical and legal custody of the minor childen: Brianna Pratt, Elyse Pratt, Erin Pratt,Joseph Pratt JR, and Liam Pratt to be returned to their natural mother, Jennina Rose Pratt. We, the undersigned, do urgently and wholeheartedly request consideration in the granting of the above. We know and have observed Jennina Pratt to be a competent, loving, nurturing and dedicated mother to her children. Her only concern is to have her children safe and in her care and home she has provided. We know this is where the children want to be as well. Thank you for your time and attention to this request:          

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