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Bring the Gazan Leadership to Stop Firing Rockets on Israel NOW -- President Obama, American Congress and House of Representatives!


We, peace-loving young Israeli families, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and all the various kinds and colors that we are, Liberal, Conservative, Religious, Secular, New Immigrants, Veterans, of European and Middle Eastern and North African descent, economically-struggling, and wealthy, activists and a-political, from all sectors - AND INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS OF ISRAEL AND ITS CITIZENS - are trembling from the rocket-fire in the entire Southern region of this tiny country of Israel. We feel forced into this military effort and do not want Israel to have to participate in any kind of war with Gaza! We do not want to have to send our country's good, kind, gentle, and creative young men, whether our sons and brothers, or our neighbors', to defend us and our children against the Gazan terrorist regime and their rocket-mongers. We do not want to harm a single innocent Gazan or any Palestinian civilian, mother, child, or man! By placing proper American pressure, surely you, the representatives of the United States of America, can lead the current Gazan regime to drop their weapons NOW, so we can proceed with proper steps to a lasting peace, immediately! Clearly, we know the Israeli government will have zero reason to retaliate violently, as soon as Gaza ceases to fire at Israel - and believe we must urge them to do so, as well. Let us sleep in peace tonight and awaken to a peaceful day tomorrow, here in Israel, and in the Palestinian territories!

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  • President Obama, American Congress and House of Representatives

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