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This case is a matter which strongly intersects both animal rights and LGBT rights. A man in Ohio is mourning because of the violent murders of his horses by a hateful human being who hated his sexual orientation. Read more from the Zanesville Times-Recorder.

On April 25, Brent Whitehouse of Morgan County, OH was alerted by his dog to an orange light emanating from his barn, ran to the barn to open it, and saw massive flames emanating from the roof. He could not save his seven adult horses and one one-week-old foal from the flames, and they were engulfed by them in less than five minutes. Worse, fire fighters and police officers who arrived at the scene saw that the apparent arsonist had spray-painted "F*GS ARE FREAKS" on the side of the barn, explicitly referring to Whitehouse's sexual orientation. 

The Morgan County sheriff has ruled the incident a case of arson, and Whitehouse's friends are considering the event a hate crime directed against Whitehouse and other LGBT people. 

 These animals did not do anything to hurt anyone, and the owner of the farm is a simple farmer and insurance salesman who apparently did nothing of similar magnitude to warrant the destruction of his property and the killings of his friends. His sexual orientation did not warrant such death and destruction.

Hold the Morgan County Police Department to account. Demand a full and impartial investigation into the murders of these gentle animals and the motivations behind their deaths, and demand that local and state animal and human rights hold the state and local governments to the task until justice has been served to the perpetrator of these hatefully-(mis)directed murders.

Letter to
Morgan County Police Department Tom Jenkins
State Fire Marshal Larry L. Flowers
and 3 others
Ohio State House
Ohio State Senate
Ohio Governor
The cruel killings of Brent Whitehouse's horses in Morgan County, Ohio, by someone who hated Whitehouse's sexual orientation was a cruel and hideous crime, both against gentle creatures

We, the aforementioned, respectfully demand that you dedicate the most resources and time to this case as possible. This anti-gay, anti-animal arsonist sought to drive a man out of his home by destroying his property and killing his loved ones. This sort of act evokes memories of the most heinous lynchings, murders and cross-burnings by the Klu Klux Klan and other terrorist organizations against American citizens throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, murders and destructions which were explicitly intended to evoke fear and flight in the wider targeted resident minorities. Should Ohio harbor terrorists who violently evoke their hatred for fellow human beings - fellow American citizens! - and animals alike with impunity?

We demand justice for Brent Whitehouse. We demand justice for Elvis, Barney, Floyd, Princess and her week-old foal Buddy, Love, Bella and Ethel. We demand that the perpetrator of the crime be brought to justice for the loss of life and property committed.

We hope that Ohio will be safer for humans of all sexual orientations and animals of all shapes and sizes with this arsonist off the streets.

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