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Bring Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack/Chronicles to the Wii U as well!

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Hundreds, thousands of gamers who decided to support Nintendo through one or more generations have been receiving a slap to the face after the other from Third Party companies. Be it because of HD graphics, or lack of internet connection on Nintendo home consoles, they always found an excuse not to develop for the Nintendo Wii (and previous consoles as well). But now that the Wii U is out and Big N is trying to please all kinds of gamers with HD graphics, internet connectivity, a social media solely for gamers and the fun their titles have ever brought us, Third Parties have been using lame excuses, based on the sales of poorly made and outdated ports for it as reference. One example would be Mass Effect 3: it's the port of a game that had been previsouly launched for Xbox 360 and PS3, exactly like their counterparts! The game just doesn't have anything  that would make someone that already owns it buy it! Exclusive titles get delayed for the sake of other platforms (an example being Rayman Legends); we get inferior versions with the lack of important features, such as online multiplayer (the most recent case being Batman: Arkham Origins); and Third Parties all complain that the Wii U doesn't have yet a strong installed base, while they do nothing to change that scenario! This petition specifically requires that Namco Bandai Games bring Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (also known as Unisonant Pack in Japan) to the Wii U, based on the following:

1. Tales of Symphonia was first launched for Nintendo's Gamecube console, and was the most sold Tales of game outside of Japan. The PS2 version ended up being exclusive to Japan. Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World (ラタトスクの騎士) was also a Wii exclusive, and didn't get a launch at any other platform until now. Players outside of Japan who want a remake of those games are most likely the very same ones who play Zelda and Mario games.

2. Just like Tales of Graces F, Symphonia was first launched for a Nintendo console, and then had a better version, with more content, launched for the rival company. What we, gamers who only have capacity to buy one console or choose so, want is for your company to respect us all equally, by giving the same versions to all platforms.

3. The Wii U is still a new platform on the market, and as such, needs more games and support from 3rd parties. A Tales of game is already enough to boost the console's sales, let alone the classic Tales of Symphonia. The support you decide to give this new console on it's earlier days will only bring more gamers to look for your products eventually!


Gamers want to buy your games, as long as you develop them for the platforms they want to buy. If we choose to support only one company, be it for the way it treats their customers, for the exclusive titles, or simply for the sake of nostalgia, they are not simply going to change their platform. They'll just play other games they have access to! That said, we will play your games, as long as you develop them for Wii U!

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