Bring Safety to Our Community with Proposed Traffic Light

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The process of AACO Traffic Engineer studies

Help support the proposed traffic light at the intersection of Shore Acres Rd. and Bay Hills Dr. The intersection is heavily traveled during school hours, rush hour, and also when the pool opens in the summer months. Currently, when attempting to make a left turn on to Shore Acres Rd. from Bay Hills Dr. it becomes difficult and dangerous, there are three lanes to monitor before turning. During school hours, there are close to six directions of traffic(both directions on Shore Acres, the right turn only lane, those rolling through the right turn only, those going into the school, those coming out of the school) for the crossing guard to monitor. A traffic light would help to keep walkers and those driving their children to school safer than the current traffic situation. In our community we not only have local traffic, but also contractors and beach traffic who use our area to divert College Parkway traffic, due to GPS apps such as Waze. While the events at Broadneck Elementary may have parents parking within our neighborhood, it will make crossing safer. It would not be any different than during the summer months when families park in front of homes for swim meets.  A traffic light would relieve some of the congestion allowing traffic to travel more efficiently. Another concern it will address is the problem of speeding on Shore Acres. While the traffic islands have helped, it hasn't eradicated the problem of fast drivers or distracted drivers. A traffic light would be a more feasible solution as opposed to using law enforcement, who are currently spread thin throughout our county. 

From the DPW:

Our latest proposal will still be a full-color signal, but may only be activated to serve pedestrians with a push button. This means, anyone crossing Shore Acres Road at the Bay Hills intersection would be protected with a Red signal indication for the Shore Acres intersection legs.

We are still in the process of designing this signal and reviewing the options.

We will advise the community of our latest proposal to improve safety at the intersection when we complete our studies.