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bring Rambo Three home from war

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I served in OEF-Afghanistan from 2008 to 2009 with the 33rd Brigade Combat Team. During that time, I had several interpreters assist my unit in eradicating the Taliban and setting up training for the Afghan National Army and Police. In my 2012 war memoir, "I am Danger; I am Prisoner," I talk about my rich relationship with the interpreters, particularly with a Terp named “Rambo Three,” codenamed to protect his identity. Rambo Three was my best friend; I was closer to him than I was to any of the U.S. soldiers I was serving with.

Since I've left Afghanistan, my interpreters were given a bounty on their head, causing them to flee their own nation. All but one of my interpreters successfully fled the country – “Rambo Three” remains.

Shedding the codename, Behruz is still stuck in Kabul. He has applied for a Special Immigration Visa (SIV COM NVCSIV2016179015), but is trapped in a long line of SIV applicants as the Taliban continues to track down former interpreters. After serving NATO forces for just south of 5 years, Behruz is as hot a target as any for his service. Behruz is from Farah province, but he cannot even return home due to the threat level in that province. As such, Behruz is living in Kabul, essentially a foreigner in his own country.

It’s time to bring Behruz home. The United States Army instilled in me the ethos of never leaving a battle buddy behind, and up to this point, we’ve failed Behruz. I recognize there’s a long list of SIV applicants, but I’m asking that this one not fall through the cracks.

Let’s get this one right. Please.

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