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OneHope Winery's funding for abusive ABA therapy for autistic children

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ABA, or "applied behavior analysis", is something that has been used as a method to "cure" autism, as if autism is a problem. ABA has been used for many years and is tantamount to abuse against autistic children. It forces and drills autistic children by forcing them to respond "correctly" to commands, even if the answers don’t match the child’s feelings or preferences. This "therapy" also fuels the repression of movements that Autistics use to regulate their own bodies. ABA therapy is also expensive, and it represses autistics from discovering their own minds and forcefully molds them.

The Napa Valley wine corporation, OneHope Wine, pledges its sales dollars to fund ABA therapy for autistic children. Their message on their website: "Timely and intensive ABA therapy has an 80-90% chance of showing significant improvement in children with autism." is extremely harmful to autistic children, who as adults, have to deal with the consequences of this abuse. This message is printed on their bottles, and on their website, they have claimed to "helped" 2,322 autistic children with ABA therapy - which is egregious abuse.

We am creating this petition to bring more public attention to this company and the harm it is doing by using its profits to fund abuse of autistic children, who will have to live with the consequences their entire lives. Autistic people are NOT second-class citizens who need therapy to "be cured." We are fully complex humans deserving of love and understanding.

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