Save Humanity. Save Syria

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Syria is a wound in the heart of everyone upon Earth. Photographs of little kids who lost dear and near wounded all over is a nightmare to all of us. Those cute little kids aren’t even able to shed tears due to Hunger. Its our duty as fellow humans to wipe of their tears but even as we help and pray for them the Governments we voted to power for taking care of such issues are mocking the situation. They are not ready to bring peace to that beautiful land even if they can. They are playing pitty political games behind the curtain.

My doubt is How Islamic Terrorists get hold of these advanced weapons..? Many of them are manufactured  in well-known and powerful countries and why can’t our governments stop their supply..? How does Islamic State terrorist get hold of those brand new trucks and vans in their pictures..?

Its TIME FOR PEACE. Please sign this petition and wake our Governments from deep sleep and urge them to take immediate steps to bring back peace in Syria and wipe-off Islamic State Terrorists.

UN, USA and Russia must assure these 10 points:

1) A fixed timeframe to take proper action in Syrian Issue with immediate Fire Free Zones declaration.

2) Wipe-off Islamic State Terrorists.

3) Permanent solution to Refugee issue.

4) Peace Treaty.

5) Cut supply of all weapons to Islamic State.

6) Free and Fair elections in Syria under strict observation of United Nation.

7) Immediate Medical Care.

8) Seize Islamic State assets and other properties for rebuilding a new syria.

9) Joint Peace declaration at UN

10) International effort to rebuild Syria. Just present expenses spent on weapons for using at Syria and tackling refugees issue is enough to build a beautiful NEW NATION.