Bring Mercury V1 back

Bring Mercury V1 back

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Why this petition matters

Started by Mercury Community

   This is a petition to bring Mercury V1 back or make it a separate server. There are many issues that more than half of the active community will be quitting over already. I know it is very new but these features are what people look for in semi serious RP servers not 100k or die servers. These are not all of the issues but only some. More will be added over time. 

  • Roll animation. Shouldn't even have to be explained. It is horrible

  •  Having to Eat and drink. Completely unnecessary.

  • Ability to lockpick and break into peoples homes to where they are forced to hide their money and inventory items considering you can rob somebody's entire inventory.

  • Calling this a 100k or die server but having the ability to rob someone for their entire inventory.

  •  Inventory Slots to use items. (Especially ammo)

  • Pulling gun out animation and putting gun away animation.

  • Eco wipe was necessary and should have been left to that before resorting to a swap in the type of server. 

  • Speed boost feels horrible now. (I understand this is not a RZ, but think of the main players and supporters of Mercury.)

With this update majority of the community will quit. I strongly suggest Mercury opens this as a separate server if this is Mikey & Gunna's vision for the server.

There are people that are talking about another server already that people will be moving to until and IF Mercury is fixed. 

Please listen to your community and what they want over personal wants/desires. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

44 have signed. Let’s get to 50!