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Bring Keith Home

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Keith is serving more time than some rapists do. He is serving more time than drunk drivers do. He has served 13.5 years so far for a victim-less crime. We can agree that he needed to go to prison to save his life. However, because  of unfair sentencing, and poor wording, he is serving an additional 7 years because of one word. Consecutive. If we can change the word consecutive to concurrent, if we can get Sean Duffy, and President Obama to hear our call, we can bring Keith home. Apart we are nothing, but united we stand. Keith has missed his family, his children, the birth of a grandchild even. It is time to bring him home. Below is an email written by Keith.

From Keith:

This is is a e-mail to all of you who through out the years called me friend, family, brother or dad. i have a need of you now to write to congressman Duffy to tell him that it is a waste of Wisconsin time and money to send me to prison in Wisconsin prison for 6 more years. what point will it make to have me start another prison sentence after sitting for 13 1/2 years in prison as a model prisoner. then go to another prison for 3 years, plus another 3 years when that sentence it done, plus 5 years on paper after all that. i have stayed out of trouble, have not lost a day of good time it should mean something. it would benefit both Wisconsin and myself to be inter-graded back into society on a ankle bracelet & home confinement so i can get a job to become a member of the community again. i have not asked ANYTHING from any of you through this long years i have been locked up. i have did it pretty much on my own. i am asking for you to take 5 minutes and write a letter and spend $0.48 on a stamp for me to have a chance to come home. can you do this for me? let it be known to all that i need this, so spread the word, yell it from the roof top's. the more people that write a letter or sign a petition the better chance i have. so let the people know that know me that don't have a computer to send a letter or make a call. here is the info. that i have. put it on facebook. Bring me home.

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