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Bring Justice to a Misunderstood Breed - The Pit Bull

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Pit Bulls are constantly in the media's crossfire being portrayed as aggressive, mean-spirited dogs. How could a dog so mean-spirited be known in this country for over 150 years as a "nanny dog"? People with young children who were looking to get a dog always chose a pit bull because of their compatability and "caretaking" ways with children. How could such a monsterous breed of dog serve as this country's mascot, not only in World War I, but in World War II, as well? How could such aggressive dogs be commonly used as therapy dogs, lifting people's spirits and helping them cope with the everyday stresses of life? And if they are so aggressive and unsafe to be in a home around families and their children, why is it that they score such a high rating with the American Temperament Test Society? [Pit Bulls score an 83.4%, while other common breeds score lower. (The Pomeranian scores at 75.8%, Toy Poodles at 81.1%, and Border Collies at 81.3%)] If a Pit Bull is aggressive, the problem does not lie within the dog, it lies within the owner. If a Pit Bull is raised with love, care, and guidance, it will be the most loyal, trustworthy pet you will ever own. But, of course, when you leave it out on a chain where it gets no attention or guidance, it grows to dislike people, as would any dog. The only reason Pit Bulls have the name they do is because of the media - point blank. They don't tell you about that time when someone's chihuahua attacked the neighbor's kid. They only tell you about it when it is a Pit Bull, and they also forget to mention that when that Pit Bull snapped, it had been tolerating abuse from that person for probably longer than I would even want to think about. About 75% of municipal shelters euthanize Pit Bulls immediately upon intake, without them ever having any chance at adoption. Studies estimate that up to 1 million Pits are euthanized per year, or 2,800 per day. Some estimates are up to double that number. In the Los Angeles area alone, 200 per day are put to sleep. These dogs could be someone's best friend, but they never get the chance. I have heard people say that once a Pit Bull has been owned by someone, it is no good. Well, I got a Pit Bull from a shelter, and she was the best dog I ever had. She obeyed commands, was very loveable, and it did not matter how much a child pulled her tail or poked her in the eye - her only reaction was to lick them to death. A Pit Bull is a dog - nothing more, nothing less. America's constant belittling of this breed is nothing short of racism in another form. It is time that we all face up to the facts, and start pointing our fingers at the real culprits - dog owners who neglect to love and properly train and care for their dogs. Please sign this petition today, and stop the abuse and misunderstanding of Pit Bulls, "America's Nanny Dog".

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