Bring Iron Maiden To Israel but Don't Break The Sabbath

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Dear Iron Maiden, Rod Smallwood, Shuki Weiss and/or whoever else has any power to change this date,

We are Orthodox Jewish diehard Iron Maiden fans and/or their friends and supporters. I myself have been listening to you since the tender age of 7 and I am now 43.

At first glance, the very rumor that you will finally play here in Israel after 25 years (with Bruce of course) was a cause of elation. Even the faintest glimmer of hope that you would finally drag your blessed carcasses to our hallowed shores was enough to make many of us, me included, dance for joy.

Then we saw you'd be playing on a Saturday night.

We're sure you know what the Sabbath is, and might know that Jewish people are commanded to abstain from work from sunset Friday to three stars up Saturday night.

Our problem as Orthodox Jews is twofold.

On a communal level, we must cry out because if you guys play a show on Saturday, hundreds of our brothers and sisters will break the Sabbath in your name. That can't be the best of luck for you guys. We know that at least Nicko is a religious man, and am sure that he would not desire such a large-scale desecration of the Sabbath in the name of your beautiful and beloved band which in itself is a quintessential reflection of G-d's creative excellence.

On a personal level, many of us won't be able to go because of the location and hour, and those of us who will be able to make it are, in accordance with our Torah laws, going to miss half of the freaking show should you unfortunately choose to play on Saturday night. People without cars will not be able to attend at all. Even people who are not shomrei Shabbat are going to have a problem getting to the venue because there is scant public transportation on Shabbat.  

The first day of Shavuot is Thursday night to Friday, the second is Shabbat itself, and this basically means any religious Jew not from Tel Aviv that doesn't want to miss the show is going to have to stay in a hotel for two days.  Many of my friends with ranging levels of devastation will not be attending the show because of the horrific logistics, myself included, as heart-wrenching and tear-inducing as that is to write (I'm.not exaggerating).

Please. Please. For the greater good of G-d and the Jewish people, as well as your own ticket sales, please choose a day to play here that doesn't fall out on one of the forbidden times.

In this video Sir Bruce (I have no idea why you people aren't knighted yet) brings it down how we are all members of the same family. You mean us too, right? We beg you. Don't leave the Orthodox Jews out in the cold. So many of us love you so much. Please come here and play soon, but don't do it on a time that will prevent so many of us from attending a show we have been waiting for for so, so long.

Up the Irons,

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