Portal 3

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Valve needs to learn that there is a necessity to count to 3. Everyone wants another Portal, there's no denying it, and if we can do this I'm 100 percent certain that we can get half life 3 and left for dead 3, and 4 because that should make sense. Portal has many things in its story-line that still need to be explained, and of course there are still many things that can remain a mystery but, who is Chell? Why is she here? Why did GLaDOS destroy the humans if the tests were meant so that humans can become better? Why did they need to dampen GLaDOS's intelligence? Why did Black Mesa sell better than Aperture Laboratories if Aperture not only makes better stuff but also very aesthetically pleasing stuff? Why does GLaDOS test whether or not you would destroy Companion Cube?

Why was Wheatley just saying a cake recipe in Portal 1 but became more intelligent in Portal 2? If GLaDOS was removed, why did Wheatley go evil? What else is aperture testing and developing? 

DON'T YOU PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW? And also, since Valve is all Mr. Business now, you guys would make a much bigger profit if you sold your most amazing games for a price that they are actually worth, its way to cheap, you know that its too cheap if your customers are telling you to up the price!

In conclusion, we need this, we need Valve to be a game company, Steam is already great and know, they need to finish what they started.