Social Services working with Perpatrators to reach targets through Family Court.

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Hi my name is Sherrie Chapman.
I am the mother to my beautiful 2 year old son Boy L ( Cannot disclose names for Legal purposes . ) I am grieving for my son along with thousands of other British families that are grieving for a child which is still alive . I created this campaign to raise awareness for Special Needs Children, Domestic Abuse and the problecations in the Family Courts that occur silently due to laws that stop free speech in Care Proceedings. I want to see change in our society for vulnerable families and children.  

I will share some of my story that I can legally share without prosecution. I know from personal experience what the system is like. Perpatrators using social services and family courts to get to their victims successfully and to try and break you down. It's not a justice system or fair but one we are forced to accept. Three years out of that relationship with my sons father and he still uses the courts to abuse the family further. 

Local authorities will change their view on perpetrators depending on the case. Often than not the victim is blamed by the authorities labelled as " Attention seeking or Mentally ill." The victims find the strength and confidence to leave then forced to sit face to face with the abuser. Quite often the abuser will play the victim and make the victim the perpetrator this is known by the term ' Gas Light Abuse' It horrifies me how we are treated as victims by family courts and Local Authorities in proceedings. In some cases the victim is labelled mentally ill or Unstable the perpetrator gains full custody and then abuses the child. Where is the justice in that? Meanwhile loving doting dad's are fighting hard to see their children with no success. 

Boy L had lots of clothes, toys and happy memories with family. I attended all his medicals and always engaged with the health visitor and other health services. I spent my maternity allowance on him and the home, saved for him in a Junior ISA account and took him on holidays. I done what any loving mother would do. He had lots of friends and would see family regularly at weekends. He loved soft play, going to the beach and aquarium.

He was content,  reports were positive that showed he was running round confident, happy, eating, smiling etc. He had a sensory tent in his bedroom and was decorated. He loved having his own room which was much better than the studio flat we was cramped in. All those years in emergency accommodation were worth while when we finally had our safe haven. 

The separation in care proceedings is very brutal families are ripped away from one another and proceedings started without even being informed. While the case is ongoing assessments are slow taking place.  The local authority tried to remove him for months and as a lone parent I had to keep putting him in nursery to attend court proceedings. It meant I was not allowed to even take my child anywhere I was simply at the mercy of Social Services. 

His father was introduced which was a shock as Social Services Support Worker ( That I can't name for legal purposes)  had warned me we would go on a child protection if his father was involved. I took her advice and done as she said. I put my child first. His father didn't seek any contact he was always in and out. 

Boy L has special needs he has limited language so partially non verbal and hearing difficulties. Boy L says 3 words but communicates in other ways. Please help me raise awareness for SEN and special needs children and the importance of referring them onto courses such as MAKATON to help parents and children communicate. It should not be acceptable for society to discriminate against disability and young children not meeting their communication milestone threshold. Why should the children be punished for not meeting mainstream threshold?

Please Bring Boy L Home After Proceedings and Raise Special Needs Awareness

Promote Special Needs information and social groups in children centres. Social workers and Health visitors to be more educated on Domestic Violence, absent parents, parent alienation in care proceedings and Special Needs social groups. Courses for speech delay such as MAKATON should be advertised and free legal advice posters in children centres.

Many health visitors have little knowledge on special needs social groups and the referrals take ages. Make information, groups and courses easily accessible for families. Walk in Clinics often have a maximum number of children they see in the duration. Stop funding children to be removed unessisarily and provide better support networks in the community allowing all families to have there child seen by speech and language without a time scale or minimum number of clients for that session.

Children have the rights to see both mum and dad. It should not be one or the other. The childs wishes should always be put first in proceedings .

Stop blaming science on young mothers. Allow capable parents to look after children with special needs before removing them. Look at biological conditions that may exist in maternal and paternal blood line before speculating 'Emotional Abuse'

I refer to the process as legalised human trafficking . Thousands of children run away each year from abusive foster families each year and forcefully taken back to the abusive establishments or another home . The children are cut off from family and friends and many are abused in the system that claims they ' safeguard ' children. I'm not saying all carers are bad but the business is corrupt and money orientated . Social services bully,victimise and discriminate vulnerable families . 

Thousands of people including myself felt obligated to communicate with Social services but eventually it gets to the point you cannot meet all the appointments announced / unannounced . We are brainwashed to see the authority as a 'friend' but really the day you accept any help even if you didn't ask for it they have their foot in the door and begin to twist and fabricate reports . They can make the most compliant , respected human appear to be a reckless unstable danger and then your child's fate really is in the governments fate. Reports from one family are often used to  grade a totally different family . Thoughts and feelings aren't apart of the care proceedings process which is why the courts are referred to as 'silent courts ' not only my own experience has made me question the quality of service given but other people's stories.

The police need a warrant to enter a private property  yet we allow social workers to enter our home to take our children so freely. Social workers bully , victimise and play families off against one another in order to take the child against the will of the parents in order to reach targets and make money. The child's wishes and feelings are rarely taken into account even if they are an age to say what they want. Abuse that happens in a looked after placement is often played down or projected back onto the parents by claiming it's their fault. They will never admit to any harm being caused which is why you must record everything and document everything . 

Social services can't be sure of my sons special needs despite seeing copies of his disability paperwork and have unfairly accused me of neglecting Boy L I have been fighting for months to keep Boy L with me and had been successful until Thursday 26th October I lost the fight. Boy L was separated from me for the first time since his birth Spring 2015 ( cannot give exact date to avoid being in contempt. ) His violent father wanted him to go into the system but I'm not backing down. I want Boy L  to be reunited with family at home in January with his family. I need your support to make this happen. Please read the page and share this petition, I will be eternally grateful for any help towards this cause. My little boy was discriminated for not meeting his communication milestones. I have mild depression that's under the GP's control. I do not even receive the maximum dose of medication. Social services exaggerated this stating I had attachment issues and that Boy L may turn out like me if he was to stay with me. I was unfairly labelled as having BPD and yet receive no medication for this illness no referrals elsewhere and nothing on my records to prove I have BPD. There were slanderous comments made by social workers to only be told that I was an attention seeker and exaggerating Boy L's special needs. Social Services refused to let me say goodbye to my son nor did they ask about his medicals, his red book, allergies, appointments etc. They didn't take any of his clothes nor his belongings from home to help him settle the day he was removed from me. After I left court I was under the impression I'd be involved in the handover of my son to make this less stressful for him but when I went to the nursery to see him I was told by two women I was not allowed to say goodbye and was to stand outside (in the rain) and wait for the social worker to come. (I was not told when this would be) I was not allowed to enter the premises and was treated like a criminal. I waited at home with his bags packed but the social worker didn't collect it. The following day I brought the bag to contact. Boy L was crying and screaming before entering the room. He rushed to me when he saw me and clung on to me. It was clear he hadn't eaten or drank anything. He ate the packed lunch I made him and was even eating the crumbs out the carpet. He's anxious and scared. He has little understanding of what's going on. It breaks my heart. Since in care he's had bruises and cuts. Different stories were told and the social worker did not make it his priority to check that day the marks on Boy L's face . Coincidently the camera was not working but I got evidence of this despite the camera not working .

Boy L cries and gets distressed when it's time for me to leave. Whilst in care I am not updated on his medicals, told his address or nursery. I was told he is finding nursery challenging. Maybe this is down to being separated from his mother but It can't possibly be than can it right? 

I have recorded him having bruises and at one point a red mark on the right side of his face. I was told he fell off a chair and injured himself but these incidents seem to be occurring more and more often. 

 The court process causes emotional harm and breaks families apart . It causes adults and children emotional trauma and can impact the results on a child's health and wellbeing. This is often not taken into account.  My son has been to countless nurseries and medical examinations. The Authority place families in emergency accommodations that are full of alcoholics and drugs users. They ask if you can sofa surf with children at friends or family addresses . Like this would be healthy for a new family ? When you wait to finally get a settled permanent place of your own they take your children for no good reason other than ' potential risks.' 

These past few months have been the worst of my life . I have been called a child abuser by professionals and in one report read that I should not be around my god child as I'm unstable and the LA need to find out the details of that child immediately. I am ashamed to call myself a British citezen.

I love and adore my son. The first Christmas without him is really hard but seeing his happy face and excitement to give me what he made me at nursery was the best gift of all. We took lots of happy photos and he loves his little red shiny car to add to his collection. 

I dedicate all my time to the case and advising others in the same situation in hope we will be reunited again. I can't thank my local community enough for all the support you've given me and my family. In time I aim to make a social group to provide a community to share thoughts and feelings with other people in the group that are going through care proceedings. 

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