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Bring HB713 up for a FAVORABLE vote in the Judiciary Committee to help STOP Human Trafficking!

Hearings are a great time to publicly show our strong support for these bills, but our work does not end with that.  The Maryland committees do not vote the same day as the hearings, in fact, they may not vote for several weeks!  Therefore, it is incredibly important for us to keep the pressure on – through phone calls, emails and personal visits – urging our delegates and senator to vote YES. 

This legislation has been held up by the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Joseph Vallario for three consecutive years.  The Chairman can be reached from within Maryland, toll free at:  800-492-7122, ext. 3488 or by calling: 410- 841-3488 or 301.858-3488 or by emailing  All you need to do is say:

“I am a resident of Maryland and I am calling to urge Chairman Vallario to bring HB713 – the human trafficking, asset forfeiture and labor trafficking bill – up for a FAVORABLE vote”.

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  • MD House of Delegates, Chairman of House Judiciary Committee
    Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Maryland: Joseph Vallario

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