Lawyer X Scandal - Bring Faruk Home

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PLEASE TAKE NOTE - The purpose of signing this petition, is not for Faruk to gain a ‘get out of jail’ card or to be immediately released. It is to show your support whilst the honourable Attorney General decides if his case should go to the Court of Appeal to be heard independently. In light of the fresh evidence of the collusion between Lawyer X and Police, it seems more than reasonable that Faruk has made this application.

Faruk Orman: devoted son, loving brother kind & caring uncle. Our justice system failed him spectacularly! Wrongly convicted as the getaway driver for the murder of Victor Peirce, he is in his 12th year behind bars serving lengthy jail time for a crime he did not commit. 

The scales of justice were never going to tilt in Faruk Orman’s favour. Why you ask? His defence barrister (Lawyer X - Nicola Gobbo) was a registered police informer AND the only case witness (Witness B - Alfonso Traglia) changed his statement multiple times during the hearing, was deemed to be of bad character and received rewards by Victoria Police for his ever changing statements. HELP us to finally bring Faruk home! Faruk deserves his freedom ASAP! Let’s get our voices heard so that this innocent young man is released because 11 years 9 months is 11 years 9 months too long for a crime he DID NOT commit! 

We currently have a Facebook and Instagram page up and running for Faruk (Bring Faruk Home) in order to bring awareness to the public of the massive injustice that has been committed to Faruk. Please follow and share our page/posts. Faruk needs our help and he needs it now.


1. I am not asking for a get out of jail free card. I am just asking for an independent Court to decide my case.

2. As the Royal Commission recently said in its opening statement, it will not be quashing convictions or remedying cases. Further, if people want their cases reheard they are to go back to the Courts. However, there are problems with this, especially in my case. They are as follows:

• The laws in Victoria do not allow the Courts to rehear cases once all appeal options have been exhausted. In Victoria, we must apply to the Attorney General to refer the case back to the Courts, unlike some other states in Australia.

• I went to the Court of Appeal and to the High Court with this information not disclosed to me. All that I am asking for is to make my own legal decisions and for my legal representatives to make their own forensic legal decisions which might vary to those of the Commissions. Therefore, I am pleading to be allowed to present my case fairly to the independent Courts.

• I never chose to mislead the Courts. The Courts were evidently mislead by others.

• All this time I have been denied the opportunity to be fairly heard with all information disclosed in the Courts. I am the victim who continues to suffer whilst they (Victoria Police) have spent millions and years hiding it from the people affected and the public.

• I believe the Royal Commission has an important role to play and I respect the Commissioner and the Counsel assisting. However, I am just requesting to be able to determine for myself the injustice that has been committed to me through the independent Courts.

• I plead to the Attorney General to grant me a petition back to the Court of Appeal for the Court to determine my case independently.

• I call on anyone with information on the Lawyer X (Nicola Gobbo) scandal or any information that affects my conviction or any information about Witness B (Alfonso Traglia) to please come forward to Galbally Rolfe Solicitors and speak to Ruth Parker on 9670 8771.