Bring Engelke Farm To The Troy Farmers Market!

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Troy Farmers Market. What’s the first word in the title of the market? TROY. We love our city and we love the fact that we can drive downtown on a beautiful spring/summer day and browse all the amazing things that the market has to offer right? What makes it even more special is knowing that the produce, or floral arrangement you picked up came from a hardworking resident of the city you love. That right up the road, an amazing husband and wife team are running their own farm, carefully tending to each plant and filled with the passion and excitement of seeing it grow into something delicious and beautiful. Their names are Paul and Kaylin Engelke. And they’ve been denied the opportunity to sell their amazing products in the city they reside in. Again. How is this right? 

As residents of Troy, they should have a spot right in the front of the line. This is where they call home and where their farm is located. Please sign this petition to show the manager of the market and anyone else in charge that continuing to deny them is wrong! Bring Engelke Farm to the Troy Farmers Market!