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Chicago Rarities Orchard Project is a new organization founded to establish “community rare-fruit orchards” in Chicago. These orchards, designed for reclaimed urban spaces, are dedicated to preserving a few of the thousands of varieties of tree fruit that aren’t commonly grown by commercial producers.

We’re working with the city to bring our first site to Logan Square, along Milwaukee just south of Logan Boulevard. This beautiful urban space will produce rare varieties of fruit that will be used to fund the project and made available to the folks of Logan Square. 

It takes many years for trees to mature and begin to produce fruit. In fact, we don’t expect full harvests for almost seven years. However, it’s not too early to get involved. For more information or to voice your support, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
…and we’re on facebook! 

Letter to
Founder and Executive Director, CROP Dave Snyder
I would like to voice my support for the Chicago Rarities Orchard Project
and, in particular, its plan to develop a community, rare-fruit orchard at the
corner of Logan and Milwaukee.

I believe this project will bring many benefits to the neighborhood including
beautiful open space, educational opportunities, and locally grown food.

Not only do I fully support the efforts of the Chicago Rarities Orchard
Project but urge others to do the same.

Thank you in advance.