Bring Coaches Mires and McFadyen Back

Bring Coaches Mires and McFadyen Back

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Started by Cristina Marquez

Boys soccer and girls lacrosse coaches Marvin Mires and Ian McFadyen were fired from their coaching positions at Downey High School.

Both coaches have been instrumental in the success of the soccer and lacrosse teams at Downey High, not only in the performance of the teams but in the personal success of the players. Their strong emphasis on a good academic performance prepares players for college, and most of us graduate with our eyes set on a four-year college because of their encouragement and support.

All of us that have had the privilege of having them as coaches know exactly how much of an impact they have on everyone that plays on these teams. Coach Mires has been interviewed multiple times because of how his emphasis on education helps his players succeed in the future. He provides us with extensive SAT prep and helps with college essays, as well as has us do research on universities and other practical knowledge because he genuinely cares for our futures.

They have been fired because of a mistake. On a hike to Mt. Baldy, students were separated and got lost, two of which being stuck overnight on the mountain. We recognize that this was a mistake, but absolutely not one out of ignorance. Everyone on the hike that day, especially the two stranded overnight, has come out and spoken on behalf of the coaches at school board meetings and on social media, yet the board decided to go ahead with firing them. Not only did they make this decision despite all of our testimonies on the coaches' behalves, but they also refused to wait for the district attorney's decision on the case and went ahead anyway.

Their final decision is unfair to both the coaches and the players on their teams. It is right to do what's best for the students no matter what, and that is to keep coaches Mires and McFadyen in their positions so they can continue to influence students' lives for years to come.


833 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!