Bring charges on George Soros for Sedition; Treason and all the events he has funded.

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If George Soros is stopped and imprisoned as he should have been long ago, many of the "events" "protests" and "rallies" that happened this past year will fade away. They won't have the funds to trash cities that allow them to "freely speak" out. It would also help stop some of the Main Stream Media hoopla from ones whom he owns and funds. No more lies and fake news if the boss sits in prison. He owns much of the Media. School shootings that conveniently happen right before elections in order to sway more people to want guns banned would stop. CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING in Arizona and other places. Our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights would be in much less jeopardy with out his cronies setting it up..with his money. And just how did he get so rich? How did he come to have power to manipulate our elections, Our Government, and why did Obama send him our money?

 George Soros Blames Trump

 Billionaire George Soros is discovering that despite pouring many millions into American elections, voters are not falling for his attempts to fundamentally transform America into a European socialist state with open borders.  Even the Europeans are rebelling against that.  Soros is so despondent at the Trump-led backlash against his globalist machinations (his ill-gotten cash couldn’t even drag a handful of Soros-approved leftists over the primary finish line in California!) that he lamented to the Washington Post, “Apparently, I was living in my own bubble.”  Oh, if only he were, instead of coming out to meddle all around the world.

Soros claims to be horrified that Trump might cause disruptions in the financial system (this from a man who made over $1 billion profit off the 1992 UK financial crisis, becoming known as “the man who broke the Bank of England;” and who has been slammed by no less than Paul Krugman for not only profiting off of currency crises but doing his best to trigger them.)  

 Soros is so demoralized that in an interview with the Washington Post, he declared, “Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.”  Personally, I can’t think of better news to start off the week than hearing that everything that could possibly go wrong in George Soros' estimation has.  That’s good news for virtually everyone else.