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An Indian captain of a merchant ship Capt. Sunil James was attacked by pirates off the African coast & the ship has been languishing for a month in the detention of naval authorities in Togo. While Capt. Sunil James had disembarked the ship to report about the pirate attack he's ended up being held captive by authorities in Togo. 

He has been languishing in jail since the start of August without proper access to medicines. He was physicall injured in the tussle with the pirates and currently shares his cell with 80 inmates and no guarantees of his safety.


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Letter to
Government of India
Speaking on behalf of all citizens of India this issue is not just personal issue. This is a barometer of how concerned the Government of India is about the citizens of its own country. The common working man of this country goes through a lot and is faced with scenarios in which he/she has no choice but to look to the elected officials.

Capt. Sunil James is faced with such an incident staring him and his family in the face. They are helpless in their personal capacity to do anything and they look to the Government to do the needful.

The response till now has NOT been promising as a country as small as Togo can be unafraid and treat our citizens in the most shameful manner. This fills us with more than regret, it fills us with utter paranoia.

We still look to the Government with hope, as that is all we can do, that enough pressure can be put upon the authorities of Togo to release Capt Sunil James to be reunited with his friends and family.

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