Bring Straws Back To SST Canteen

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(We plan to bring bio-degradable straws to SST, not the old regular ones.)

Food wastage is a big deal in Singapore. $200m worth of food and beverage waste discarded by Singapore in 2017.

That is happening in SST. The pail/bucket that collects's ice from your cups is now much fuller with Milo.

This is due to many people having sensitive teeth, just irritated by the ice hitting their mouth or ice accidentally getting into their mouth and therefore when the drink is almost finished, people throw away the remaining milo instead of finishing. However, with a straw, they could easily finish the drink.

Secondly, the cups in our canteen are a little oily but the main problem is people bite the cups which make it rough and and it is very unhygienic.

That is why the school could get bio-degradable straws or straws that can be consumed when someone is done using it.

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