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I want to bring back Under God in the Pledge and Christianity to schools.

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I believe it is wrong to take away Christianity away from schools or anywhere. It is not fair to christians. I believe we should be able to praise the Lord God Almighty were ever we choose. They are putting the Islam in schools. That is not right. You are going to take away God but put Muhammad in schools? That is not fair at all. Next thing to happen is churches will be taken away. I will praise God no matter what law. And a lot of other christians will too. So why take it away. You say that the muslims find it offensive. Well us christians find it offensive that God is being taken away and Islam is being enforced. The United States of America was built on Christianity, and freedom. So now we have to not say Under God in the Pledge, Well excuse me, but I am still saying it. I don't care what anybody thinks of it. I am proud to be a child of God. I will die knowing I am going to Heaven, and I am not afraid to say it. For the Lord God said do not fear countless times in the Bible. So This is my petition for Christianity to not be taken away from schools. And I pray that it wins. Thank you. I pledge allegiance” (I promise to be true) “to the flag” (to the symbol of our country)
“of the United States of America” (each state that has joined to make our country)“and to the Republic” (a republic is a country where the people choose others to make laws for them -- the government is “of, by and for” the people)
“for which it stands,” (the flag means the country)“one nation” (a single country)
“under God,” (the people believe in a supreme being)“indivisible,” (the country cannot be split into parts)“with Liberty and Justice” (with freedom and fairness)
“for all.” (for each person in the and me!)
The pledge says you are promising to be true to the United States of America!

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