Bring back the Works of SABRINA M SEXTON

Bring back the Works of SABRINA M SEXTON

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Why this petition matters

Started by Chuchi Loves Dabi

This petition is for the works of Sabrina M. Sexton, a well know author whose wonderful fanfics have helped many people, especially in these hard times. I'm bringing attention to the fact the recently her works are being taken down by Wattpad by unknown people for reason unknown to Sabrina and US as readers. The removal of 7MIE with over 2M views and Feathers and Flames with over 500k views was unjustified. 

Like many authors on Wattpad wrongfully has had her work taken down despite her following all of watt pads rules and regulations. She has followed all the guidelines, given warning where to was needed. But that wasn't enough. However, this isn’t just for her but all of your favorite authors who have had their works wrongfully taken down by Wattpad as well.

Sabrina is a wonderful human being, hardworking and talented. Her gift of writing makes us remember we are human. They make us feel better after those long hard days. With the mounting pressures of regular life pounding away at us, we are able to escape reality, if only for 7 mins. Sometimes 7 minutes is enough. 

She has worked so hard on her craft to provided us with these amazing stories. That support led to a Patreon for those who want to give her additional support and created a DISCORD family for us to get together and have these talks about her stories and how they changed our lives.

Please sign this petition to get her works placed back on Wattpad. This is just a stepping stone to let them know that their actions are not fair and hold them accountable for their unfair actions.


You can also sign tis virtual card to send her a message and life her spirits!


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13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!