Bring back the snow park in Saas Fee!

Bring back the snow park in Saas Fee!

355 have signed. Let’s get to 500!

Why this petition matters

Started by Agnes Szilagyi


Our community is suffering from not having a snow park in Saas Fee. We are losing guests that cancel their holidays finding out Saas Fee has no snow park.

Todays kids want to ride park, and their parents book holidays where they also offer a snow park, so we are losing big chunks of our primary market. The ski schools cannot offer what is demanded by guests, they cannot teach freestyle lessons, as there is no snow park. The local kids are growing up having no chance to ride a park, parents having to drive them to other destinations. Locals and seasoners are devoting their days off driving to resorts with parks, spending time and money elsewhere but in Saas Fee. 

Having a snow park adds extra value to the resort. A snow park attracts new guests, it makes Saas Fee more attractive and vibrant, it keeps the resort interesting and fun. It adds diversity to the slopes and the freeriding terrain on days with less snow, it allows for training grounds that are safe, where everyone can learn and create good memories.

Most importantly it brings new people and it keeps us happy and motivated here in Saas Fee. 

so please,

Bring back our snow park!

355 have signed. Let’s get to 500!