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Season 4 Decision Depending on the Finale.

The Killing Fans Group

Jul 31, 2013 — AMC's president, Charlie Collier, will make the Season 4 decision after the Finale, when the DVR results will also be calculated, so it's very important that you watch it ***LIVE*** and DVR it the same time!!!!
Don't miss the 2 hour Finale LIVE on AMC, this Sunday, August 4 at 9|8c.

Will "The Killing" Be Renewed For A Fourth Season?
Will "The Killing" Be Renewed For A Fourth Season?
Having cheated death once, will The Killing have an easier time with renewal going forward? I talked with executive producer Veena Sud last week for this story about the once-mocked show's third season comeback, and when I asked about the show's future, Sud, who would love for The Killing to continue, said: "We don't know yet.