Bring back the Internet at DHS

Bring back the Internet at DHS

August 15, 2022
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Started by Elliot Saizan

Get parents to read and see this. At the school Parents will be listened to more than the children. So I have heard about the "Bring
your own device" thing that has been
implemented at the Dickinson Highschool and I
would like to say that it is a terrible
idea. Yes maybe whenever the wifi
was down the kids focused better but
the wifi can also help for our safety.
Now let's put ourselves in a scenario. I
am a student in a classroom doing
work. Suddenly the lockdown alarm
goes off. We all scrambled to where
we need to be and I pull out my phone
to contact my parents. Only to find
that I have terrible service. I can't
contact my family at all to tell them
that I'm okay or I can't contact them
to tell them I'm in danger and I might
die if something like that happens.
Lots of parents when they have their
kid a phone told them that the reason
they got them a phone was so that
they could contact them. Well they
won't be able to do that and the
messages or calls might not go
through if your stuck in a classroom
that has terrible service. But if there is wifi the message will send through that internet. Also this whole "Bring your own device" thing is
something I can't even get. My dad
has lost his job and my parents are
divorcing so we have trouble even
paying to put food on our table and
your trying to tell me I should buy
some 50 dollar device just so my
parents will be able to contact me if
one of them gets in a car crash, if
something happens at my brothers
school, if something happens to a
family member. Sure many kids might
use the wifi for games or whatever but
you have to think about those
situations that make things like the
internet important. You have to think
beyond the grades of kids, think about
their safety. We almost had 2 school
shootings last year. Being able to
contact and get a hold of people is
important and we can't all afford a 50
dollar wifi box. That's all I'm gonna
say. Please implement the old internet

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Signatures: 23Next Goal: 25
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