Bring Back the Beach at St Clair by repairing the poles

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Winter seas erode more sand from St Clair year after year.

Rocks and sand sausages are ineffective. Trucking sand from the harbour is expensive and temporary. Major storm repairs cost half a million dollars a time.

Let's Bring Back the Beach by using the one simple solution that is proven to work.

Let's repair the poles at St Clair back to the efficient sand trap groyne it originally was.

The first sand trap groynes were built in 1902. Two more were installed in 1921 and repaired in 1955 which kept the beach level high until this century. 

Joining this petition will strongly encourage our DCC Chief Executive Officer to repair the poles just as previous City Officers did in the past.

This simple structure will raise the beach level a metre or 2 over many acres just as it did in the past. Surfers and swimmers will love it plus there will be more room for walkers. More importantly it will protect the sand dunes and Esplanade from storms.

These poles are one of Dunedin's beloved icons, lets restore them before they are gone forever. Lets Bring Back the Beach.

For more information you can find a video and an illustrated history of the beach at