Bring back study-leave for Wellsway students

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As many of you may know, the head of wellsway school, Mr Matthew Woodville, has made the poor decision to ban study leave for year 11 students. Despite the promise of keeping study leave for these students he has gone through with the decision despite the obvious backlash and the very little evidence showing that staying in these lessons will improve the gcse marks of year 11's.

Why is study leave a good thing?

•Students do better revising at home

•Wellsway school lacks staff to teach pupils, supply teachers can't help students in the same way as teachers specialised in a subject.

•Exam stress can lead to mental health problems, Wellsway school lacks staff trained to help students suffering from mental illness.

•You study best in an environment you feel comfortable in, students would benefit from occasionally going in to specific revision sessions as well as revising in the comfort of their own home with friends and family to support them.

•There is a serious lack of trust between students and staff members.

It would mean a great deal if you could sign our petition to help support year 11 students of our school. We have struggled to voice our opinions on this matter but if we are persistent we can keep study leave and succeed in our GCSE qualifications! Thank you very much for your support. 


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