Bring Back High School Athletics to Sacramento Area and Northern California Schools

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Recently Sacramento County recommended that all area schools cancel athletic programs for the 2020/21 school year.  This decision would be a colossal mistake that would affect almost every student and is not being made rationally or based on science but rather on fear and politics.  Most importantly this decision should not be made without the input and influence of the parents and students that will be directly effected. We believe that the benefits of high school athletics far outweigh the current risks in our area and with many other parts of California continuing their school athletic programs we should be as well.  

The recent recommendations for Sacramento Area Schools do not even mention the NFHS Guidelines that give a clear and safe path to resume Athletic Programs.  The NFHS guidelines can be found here:

We know how hard these students work and have already seen the class of 2020 lose many of their sports years.  High school athletics are important not only for the lessons and character that they build in our young men and women but they are an experience that every child deserves the opportunity to participate in.  By signing this petition, sharing with classmates, teammates, friends and neighbors we can make sure that our voice is heard and that this decision is not made behind closed doors.  We ask that the parents be a part of this process as taxpayers, voters, citizens and the people that our school officials should be accountable to!