Petition Closed

Ontario's high school teachers volunteer outside of the class time to run many important clubs, councils and sports teams. Their efforts are much appreciated and give the students diverse opportunities to explore things that cannot be experienced in class time. Students learn how to manage their time wisely, build friendships, be respectful toward others and most importantly, learn more about themselves and gain self-confidence. They become well rounded people with high real-world abilities. However, all the good opportunities to learn these social skills have vanished due to strike. Moreover, all the entertainments, rights and freedoms of the students became restricted due to the cancelled extra-curriculum activities. It is unreasonable for them to be the victims of the strike. Government should not put students at the centre of a labour dispute.

Letter to
Ontario Minister of Education
Ontario Ministry of Education
Toronto District School Board
and 1 other
Director of Education (TDSB)
You are taking away Ontario's high school students' rights and freedoms to join various activities. Why should we, the students, become the victims of the strike? The extra-curricular activities give us countless chances to have a wider view of the world and discover more about ourselves. Please, bring back the extra-curricular activities and help us to have brighter future.